Why us

Our CEO Mr Abdul Mohit Ghandi is currently a Citizen of Australia and has lived in Australia for the last 13 years. He started his Journey as a Student in Australia in 2009 and hailed as a great success. Being an entrepreneur he has learnt from his own experience that grit and patience pay off in the long run. He is an eminent man of great intelligence and working as an Education Consultant in Australia, Social Media Marketer for the big firms, and Financial Adviser of the company. He excels in all roles with passion and perseverance for the pursuit of long-term goals.

He has completed his Diploma of Business Management in 2011, alongside with the completion of Bachelor of Accounting and Finance in 2014, he worked as an accountant from 2016-2020.

With all hard work, Our CEO becomes a Resident of Australia in 2016. Through his own journey, he will guide student to understand the impediment of living abroad. He can provide guidance over major issues which students face, including working while studying, homesickness and all the immigration-related policies.

Mr. Gandhi believes in the power of education, for him, “Education is the only way of growth personally and financially”. For this purpose he has completed his diploma in Mortgage and Finance As well as Leadership and Training in 2019. He gained some experience in the same field to utilize his studies and get some hand-on experience of the industry.

Currently, he’s the student of Macquarie University Australia and Studying Education Psychology. He held a long affiliation in Financial Market and Human Resources Industry as he represented Australia’s top 4 banks while working as a Financial and Mortgage broker from 2016 to 2020. Along the journey, he has a good grasp and understanding of Capitalism Financial Instrument and Market which helps students save forex exchange money market. When working as a Financial and Mortgage Advisor, he helps hundreds of his clients achieve their financial freedom.

With his profound knowledge, he’s helping more than 50 businesses with their online presence on social media; he understands that addiction to social media is the biggest problem with the Millennial Generation. However, he doesn’t underestimate the benefit of Social Media as there are good perspectives in everything.

Over past 13 years, He understands about doing all the odd jobs like waitering, cleaning, home-delivery, and security. This make Mr. Mohit unique that he went through all the problem which SCEC future student will be facing and beat all the odds and achieve the ultimate success of becoming the world most renowned country Citizen and Resident.


According to Mr Mohit, successful people are those who have more questions than answers, and questions come from getting more knowledge and education. His long term goal is to leave a legacy behind which help people all around the world should have access to gain the best education and help those who wanted to achieve the highest freedom in life.