Why study in Turkey?

Choosing a career and country for the study is always a tough decision. But do you want to study where you can get easy on the pocket but quality education? Or do you want to study where you can enjoy all the seasons of nature and enjoy aesthetic views? Then head to Turkey, and you will not miss out on anything.

There are several reasons to study in Turkey, they are:

Quality Education

Turkey has a 90+ success ratio in higher education, which makes it the second country in the world to acquire higher studies. However, Turkey has 207 universities and those universities offer a wide range of courses over 60 thousand. Furthermore, Turkey is involved in different exchange programs for students and lecturers which include: Erasmus, Farabi, and Mevlana. Lastly, no matter in which university students will apply, they will find the latest and modern technology with friendly environment.

Easy on Pockets

Turkey’s currency, Lira is cheaper than the other currencies, which makes it easy on pockets of students. Public universities in Turkey offer cheaper tuition fees and scholarships for bright students.

Delicious Food

As Pakistani, we love delicious and spicy foods, which is difficult to find in other countries but Turkey is exceptional for the taste buds of Pakistanis and offers flavorsome and imaginative food.  

Beauty of Turkey

From 5000 miles coastline to hot air balloon of Cappadocia, from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the Kackar Mountains and from ancient sites of Ottoman to Roman’s spa city Pamukkale, Turkey will give you the life, you have always dreamt for. 

Easy Application and Visa Process

Turkey’s application and visa process are much easier and convenient as it takes only 1 to 1.5 months for the whole process from application to departure.

“Do not wait and apply for the study abroad today as a world full of adventure and natural beauty is calling you to explore it”.