The business world of today have evolved drastically with respect to graduate employment opportunities. Only the best of the best could climb the corporate ladder, thus it drops down the overall success ratio of graduate programs. In such competitive world utilizing the resources at hand and making the right choices will help you accelerate your career progress. Studying abroad is the first step in achieving your career goals, gaining universal experience and cross-cultural exposure, not only harness the set of new skills but it further polishes the existing skills and abilities of a student. It further develops the right confidence and posture within a student to lead and accelerate his/her performance in the corporate. It all boils down as to how committed you’re with your goals, unlike us, we believe in you. SCEC at core will help you find the right avenue, fulfilling your objective of studying abroad and making the history.

“Your ambition in life is the key to success”
Ever wondered how a successful person achieves success? It’s the combination of choices made in the right direction. Starting off with studying aboard, a student’s mindset along with rightful consultancy play a vital role in defining the course of future success. Ambitious students who are willing to push themselves up in the corporate world and to explore the beauty and miracles of the western world, are the ones who are most likely to get access to quality education abroad.


Insufficient information about the processes and procedures might ruin the foundation of a great career progression. Disoriented consultancy might diminish the soul of studying abroad.
Thus, a proper guidance along with applicable expertise will help you strengthen your first step
towards quality education and long withstanding career.

Willing to make the right choice? Well, we are here to help you make the right choice!

Courses Offered
  •  Foundation Program
  •  Bachelor’s degree
  •  Graduate certificate
  •  Graduate diploma
  •  Associate degree
  •  Master’s degree