SCEC is a team of young and innovative people. Our customer service and customer satisfaction are above and beyond. Our recruits’ alumni have a 100 satisfaction rate. Subcontinent Education Consultant recruits international students and helps them make their dream come true. Our non-traditional approach helps clients to take an education path which opens new avenues for students.  
Why Choose Us

A decision that can build your future.

SCEC treats all his students as student, not as client. we are always one step ahead; we work responsibly and with utmost honesty to provide best and unbiased consultancy to sky rocket your career.
If you have any other queries we can help you right away.
We have a team of expert career counselors who are dedicated to assist you and provide you with best guidance about your career and answer to your queries to keep you satisfied.
We provide transparent information and secured visa process and are partnered with certified universities of Australia to bring you best opportunities.
At SCEC experience the friendliest culture and comfortable environment as we provide professional advice with quality communication and facilitates you with the best.
Hassle Free Processing. Career Counselling. Expert Visa & financial guidance. and much more.
Great Staff

Our Mission

Your goals our responsibility

Our Mission is to enable our students to compete successfully in other continents and make their careers in their desired fields.
We are here to provide them an opportunity to make their dreams turn into reality in every possible way.
We make study abroad accessible to anyone who wants it. We provide each student with a platform to polish their skills and enhance their knowledge. Program name opens your path to the world.